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Privacy Policy


Your privacy is a top priority for Psily. In addition to allowing completely anonymized usage of Psily, we will not share your data with commercial third-parties. We also allow you to opt-out of sharing your anonymized data with researchers.


Burner emails, we love 'em. When using Psily, we do not collect any Personally Identifying Data (PID). You may use the app with whatever email you'd like and use a discrete username. We will not share this email with any third-party, including researchers, unless you opt-in to a study which requires additional verification. (You don't have to enter studies to use Psily).

Sharing with researchers

Psily is not affiliated with any private or public research, medical, education or government agencies or institution. Part of our mission is to enable a scientific understanding of psychedelic and nutritional supplements in an everyday use environment. We therefore allow researchers to be granted access to anonymized data (we hash your username, the only possible point of identification, in case you selected one that could be PID). We follow NIST data risk classification standards when sharing with any agency or institution and will never share with a commercial third-party.

Psily also requires that researchers go through an approval process before being granted access to any anonymized data. The data that researchers are approved to access will be made public, so you will always be able to see which institutions or individuals have aceess to your data. In case you don't want your anonymized data shared you can always opt-out.

Future considerations

The following are not yet of any consequence, as these features are not built out yet, but here's our stance on a few future dynamics we plan to pursue.

Sharing data on your own volition

Your data is your data. If you so choose, you should be able to retrieve any data pertinent to you and your application usage. Whether this is for the purpose of data auditing, citizen science or sharing data with a third-party of your choosing (such as a medical professional), we will allow you to download your data. All of it.

Peer to peer visibility

We currently do not enable any user to see another user's data in any form. However, writing articles or sharing protocols with peers seems to be something that people want. We do not plan to allow any user to see another user's application usage activity.

Wearable integration

We don't plan on developing or manufacturing a wearable health metric monitor, however this may be a vitally important tool to measure physiological changes across time when certain protocols or substances are being utilized. For this reason, we may need to allow a commercial third-party to be granted access to data. This will be an opt-in and customizable interaction if it is to happen.

That's it! See, easy, just as privacy should be.